The One with the Wreck it Ralph Party

We celebrated Tobin's 3rd birthday Wreck it Ralph style.

Tatum had to stop him from blowing until we were done singing
It took him about 3 minutes to blow out his 3 candles!

And then he was off opening presents.  His expressions were priceless.

Next we played a few games. 
Pin the medals on Ralph and Felix.

Callum didn't do so good.
And Wreck it with the Wreck it Ralph hands.

It was a smashing good time! 

Loving his new bean bag
Putting birthday money in his piggy bank

And of course, no birthday would be complete without a trip to the El Rancho to wear the sombrero and eat some fried ice cream. 

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{larissa} said...

the el rancho trip from HE double hockey sticks