The One with the Ninjago Party

We celebrated Talan's 7th birthday Ninjago style. 


After cupcakes and presents, we headed to the river to practice our ninja moves in the water.  

As we were playing we noticed some ominous looking clouds surrounding us.  Pretty soon we saw a lightning bolt that was too close for comfort.  We cut the swimming short and rushed back to the truck.  With the back of the truck full of children (and me), the first monsoon storm of the season (and one of the biggest ever) dumped rain, and maybe some hail, on us.  It was painful, windy, drenching, and a little scary.  We finally got smart and loaded everyone in the cab of the truck for the rest of the ride. 
Despite the rain on our parade, the boys all had a blast.  Talan sure is blessed with some cool friends! 
Let's not forget the best part of a birthday celebration...El Rancho.

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