The One with the Lessons, Camps, and Fun in the Sun

I assumed our summer was going to be a lot of this

but instead the whole month of June has been a lot of lessons, camps, and fun in the sun.  In other words, we have been going non-stop!  I can seriously think of only ONE day where we had nothing to do, and that was a Friday that Steve had to go to the Reservation to do a big networking job.  The kids and I watched a lot of movies and TV that day and ate brownies for dinner.  It was awesome. 
We started summer off with swimming lessons.  I signed them up for back to back sessions this year hoping they would learn a lot more.  The older two have loved it and improved a ton.  The younger one, not so much.  He didn't like to get in the water with his teacher and cried when I tried to put him in.  Weird, cause he loves swimming any other time. 

The kids expressed an interest in sewing and asked Grandma if she would teach them.  She was more than happy to give them sewing lessons.  First she had them draw and cut their patterns for bears, then she taught them how to do a running stitch, stuff them, and close 'em up.  They turned out pretty cute!  Talan is giving his to baby Callum, and Tatum is giving hers to baby Averi. 
Talan's also been busy with camps.  First, he went to a British Soccer Camp for one week, and then the Little Colorado Basketball Camp the next week.  He had a great time at both and we are proud of him for working hard!   

It's nice because Steve has Fridays off in the summer time.  One of the weekends we took the kids to Sunsplash and to swim at Moni's house.  Another weekend we went to Roosevelt for a few days with the Hartnetts. 

Not to mention all the normal summertime fun with slip n slides and sprinklers on the trampoline. 

 It's been a goooood summer!  Can't wait to see what July has in store for us...

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