The One with the End of Summer

It's the end of summer as we know it.  Lots of people complained about school starting in July, but we were ready.  At the beginning of summer we made a list of things we wanted to do, and each week we made it a goal to cross more things off our list.   
We probably had a few too many late nights, dirty floors, and mosquito bites.  Just the right amount of friends, birthday parties, and summer school work.  And probably not enough cooked meals, baths, or cleaning out of the garage. 
Just like that it was the first day of school.  Tatum was looking forward to this day all summer, and it didn't disappoint.  She didn't even act like it was a big deal that she was going to kindergarten for the first time.  At the very least I expected her to turn around and wave goodbye to me, but nope, she just walked right into the school.  She is going to Jefferson in Miss Boyter's class and she has a few friends (mostly boys) in her class.
Talan is an old pro at school now.  He is in Mrs. Pollard's second grade class at Jefferson.  

He met up with a few friends, Parker and Avery, so they could all walk to school together.

Tobin was sure happy when 3:20 rolled around.

After a successful first day of school, we took some friends who are new to the area to go see a hidden gem in northern Arizona...Grand Falls.  Thanks to the recent monsoon rains, it was roaring.  We took our dinner out there and had a nice picnic next to it (well, not too close). 

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lynnissa said...

Just last week I was thinking a trip out there about this time would be awesome! Beautiful!