The One with the Getaway

June 8 was our 11th wedding anniversary.  In the past 11 years we've never been big about celebrating anniversaries with gifts or trips.  I guess you could say we have a happy marriage all year long, so we don't really need just one special day.  Although I do have to say, a little celebrating is nice now and then.  We had debated a few ideas about what to do for our anniversary, but then had a very busy week (rentals, HenTech jobs, swimming lessons, soccer camp, to name a few...) so we decided we should probably just stick around. 

Well, Thursday afternoon Steve sent me a text that we were leaving for the valley when he got home from work.  He had all the details worked out.  I'm usually quite the planner, so it was kind of nice to not have to think about anything and just grab some stuff and go. 

I'll be honest, during the drive down we were both feeling bad about leaving our kids for 3 days.  This was the first time we've ever left them!  They stayed at Larissa's on Thursday, my parents house that night and all day Friday, then Christie's house Friday night, and Steve's parents all day Saturday.  Although we knew they were in good hands, we just felt that we would have more fun with them.  Boy, were we wrong!

By the time we were eating dinner Thursday night we were not feeling bad at all about leaving the kids!  All weekend long we enjoyed peaceful meals, getting in and out of the car with ease, pedicures (yes, pedicureS, as in plural. I made Steve get one with me), sleeping in, relaxing by the pool, reading uninterrupted, and shopping without little "helpers".  We may have even been the creepers going down the water slide without kids, but we sure had fun! 


We had a four course dinner at Melting Pot.  The first two courses (cheese fondue and salad) were just okay, but the main course and dessert were amazing! 

At Melting Pot

Main Course


The kids survived without us, and more importantly, we survived without them.  I think we are going to have to make this a tradition. 

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Unknown said...

ha! You thought it would be more fun with kids...They are fun, but I have to agree, our trip to vegas was SO fun without our favorite little munchkins! I am glad Steve took you on a surprise trip! I bet it was awesome.