The One with Talan's Big Month

In Talan's first grade class each student is randomly drawn throughout the year to be the Star Student for the week.  They get to make a poster about themselves, read books to the class, and bring items for show and tell.  Talan happened to be one of the last two kids drawn.  He immediately asked Uncle Jason to help him with his poster, which was right up his alley.  During the week he took in his circuit board and showed the class how to connect the circuit to make the spinner fly, he read several books to the class, and he even made up a game for the class with his toy monkey

Then, his class did a Reading Restaurant.  They practiced songs, and picked books, and decorated menus, and signs, and costumes.  It was a lot of preparation, but so worth it!  We walked in and saw the sign reserved for Talan's family.  He stood in front of us and sang several songs, then we ordered books off of his menu for him to read to us, and he served us refreshments.  It was so cute! 

And finally, exactly one week before first grade ended, Talan lost his first tooth!  First grade is all about losing teeth.  They read books about it, they make charts and graphs about how many teeth everyone has lost, and it seems that all the kids have gaps in their smiles.  Talan was feeling a little left out that he hadn't lost a tooth all year  With just a few days left, it was perfect timing.  And, he pulled it out himself! 

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