The One with the Court

It's no secret that Steve and I love basketball.  Love watching it, love playing it, love basketball players like Aaron Craft and Michael Jordan, and love teaching our kids to play.

I'm not even joking when I say that one of our concerns before we bought this house was how we would have a basketball court since the driveway was so slanted.  We figured we would just go across the street and play at the church, but soon realized that was easier said than done.  So we decided to build our own court in the backyard where we had a big dirt area that wasn't much to look at. 

Steve did most of the manual labor, and hired a friend to help with the serious stuff.  Who know pouring concrete was so complicated?  It took about two weeks from the time we started leveling until the cement trucks came to pour. 

The hoop that Steve bought is regulation size, can be raised and lowered from 5ft to 10ft by the kids, and is buried deep in the concrete.  That sucker is never coming down! 

Everything was going too perfect the day we poured.  It was great weather, everyone showed up to help nice and early, and the cement trucks were on time.  As the last truck was driving away, part of it swung out and hit our trailer, which was parked in the street.  Of course it happened right at the start of camping season, where we had 3 camping trips planned in the following weeks.  Oh well, at least we could stick around and play basketball!  

As soon as the cement was settled and the hoop was up, Steve challenged me to a game of HORSE.  As usual, I beat him.  So we played again.  And I beat him.  He said we were going to tear the court out in the morning.  After dinner he said he couldn't go to bed with me winning twice, so he made me play again.  This time he kicked my butt.  But who knows, maybe I let him win?

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