The One with Talan's Top Ten-2013

Stats:  6.5 years old, 52 pounds, 50 inches tall, size 1.5 shoe size

1.  What is your nickname?  T-dawg
2.  What is something you wish you were better at?  Basketball
3.  What is something you are good at?  Soccer

4.  Where is your dream vacation spot?  Disneyland
5,  What do you get in trouble for the most?  Whining
6.  Who are your best friends?  Ty, Avery, and Dylan
7.  What do you love to wear?  Student of the Month shirt 
8.  What is the best part about school?  AR (Accelerated Reading)

9.  What scares you?  Sharks and tornadoes
10.  Favorites...

chore?  Mowing the lawn
food?  Macaroni & Cheese
tv show?  Ninjago  
toy?  Bike
game?  Roblox
color?    Black
team?  49ers


lynnissa said...

This is so cute! Meant to tell you that I loved his hair when I saw him on Wednesday.

{larissa} said...

You forgot these two questions...

Who is your favorite aunt?

What is your favorite pair of shorts to wear?
It's a tie between my bappy khaki shorts and my mid thigh plaid pj shorts.

Unknown said...

49ers? not buckeyes?! Kim, how can you sleep at night knowing this???!