The One Where We Celebrated Christmas

I know I say this every year, but this might have been the Best Christmas Ever.  We made it very relaxing and peaceful, and I'm sure that had something to do with how crazy our lives were last year at this time with remodeling and moving. 

On Christmas Eve we ate with Steve's family, and the kids opened presents from them. 
Tatum's Pillow Bed from Aunt Anita
Tobin's Pillow Bed from Aunt Anita
Then we headed over to my parent's house for the traditional talent show, which didn't disappoint.  Tobin read a Christmas book about Santa (he kept getting up after everyone's turn and reading it again), Tatum danced to the Grinch song, and Talan read a story about Christmas that he wrote and illustrated himself.  Steve made a flow chart about how to buy a house from auction and remodel it, and I played Jingle Bells on the flute.  It was amazing I still remembered how to play it from high school, and a little hilarious.  
We came home and read the Christmas story from the Bible, and put the kids to bed.  They were so exhausted they didn't even come out of their rooms once, which is a small miracle. 
The looks on their faces Christmas morning were priceless.

The calm before the storm

Tobin and his pirate ship

Waiting to take the training wheels off Tatum's bike

We started a new Christmas breakfast tradition with homemade cinnamon rolls, an egg and sausage casserole, and hot chocolate from Steve's new hot chocolate machine! 
The rest of Christmas day was spent wearing sweat pants, eating, visiting with family, and playing with new toys.  We topped it off with my dad's traditional spaghetti dinner. 
Building circuits
Playing Lalaloopsies

What a blessed Christmas we had with those that matter most.  And it was a true Christmas miracle:   not a single thing to return or exchange!!

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lynnissa said...

sounds like fun! i can't believe you remember how to play the flute...there's no way I could play the clarinet after all these years.