The One with theThanksgiving Week

We started off Thanksgiving week with the traditional Christmas Parade on Saturday.  Tatum's Zumba group was in it this year so we had got to go.
Ady and Tatum

As much fun as it sounded to go to the grocery store for a few hours, cook and bake for several hours, eat for 10 minutes, and clean up for a few hours, we decided to try something new for Thanksgiving and go out to a restaurant.  It was fabulous to have a stress-free day.  I wouldn't do it every year, but it was definitely nice to try once. 

We enjoyed a relaxing break and did a lot of the typical things. 

-Played in the leaves

-Watched football

Steve bought me this flag for Mother's Day.  I'm happy to report that every time I've flown it on game day, the Buckeyes have won!  As in 12-0 this season!  Lucky flag or a great new coach??

-Decorated for Christmas.  Steve and I have always had this unwritten rule in our marriage that we would never buy inflatable yard decorations for any holiday.  Imagine my surprise to come home from a long run to see this. 

Apparently a 12 foot Santa on top of our chimney is okay. 

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Unknown said...

okay, that santa cracks me up. Bryan and I have the same rule. I think I would have died laughing if I saw this on our house. I would have told him we've been in Pittsburgh too long...but for steve, I don't know what his excuse is! But I bet your kids LOVE it! (and that is what matters, right?)