The One with the Soccer Season

Talan played on the Blue Dogs in the 6-8 year old level this year (that was his idea for a team name and the other kids all voted for it).  They play on a bigger field, add defenders, and a goalie.  This makes the games a lot more exciting to watch, specially since his team did really well.  They won all but one game, and they lost that by one point.  Talan mostly played forward, which he was really good at because he was usually the fastest kid on the field.  He just had a hard time learning to turn the ball.  He played defender a few times and had some amazing kicks!  He only played goalie once or twice and had some good saves. 


Tatum played on the Bats (or Bat Princesses according to the girls on the team) and had her dad as a coach.  She loved her first year of soccer, and although she didn't get a ton of action with the ball she played hard through every game and didn't get distracted or frustrated. 

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