The One with the Grandparents

We flew to Ohio to say goodbye to my last grandparent, my Grandma Bratt. 

My Grandpa Smith passed away when my mom was 11.

My Grandma Smith passed away when I was in fifth grade.

My Grandpa Bratt passed away when I was 22.  I had just gotten married that summer and I found out the night before my first day of school as a brand new teacher. 

Grandma Bratt was 89 years old, and had surgery a month ago for a prolasped colon.  She just could not recover from it.  Everything kept going wrong after the surgery...blood clots, kidney failure, breathing trouble, heart trouble, etc.  It's really hard because we thought for sure we would see her again.  She left everything in her house just like she was planning to come back to it.  A month ago she was driving around and talking on the phone like normal.

I can't believe how much I'm going to miss her.  Although we lived hundreds of miles apart, I was very close to her.  I think it's because we were so much alike:

-She loved sports.  She was obsessed with Duke basketball, Ohio State football, the Dallas Cowboys, and NASCAR (although I don't really consider that a sport).  I could call my grandma and talk about sports anytime.  You can bet your boots if Duke was playing, even if it was late on the east coast, she was up until after midnight watching the game.  And she never missed the Buckeyes.   

-She kept things clean and organized.  She wouldn't go to bed if there were dishes in the sink, or clothes on the floor. 

-She made the best brownies ever.  She is clearly where I inherited my obsession with brownies from. 

-She always had a book to read. 

I feel so lucky to have the grandparents I did.  They were all amazing and taught me so much about life.  I find peace in knowing that I will see them all again. 

As my Grandpa Bratt always said, "See ya in 3 days". 

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lynnissa said...

What a sweet post. I definitely see why you were so close!