The One with Padre Island

What kind of mother forgets her camera on a family vacation that includes two birthdays and a holiday??  I did get a few crappy pics with my phone, and thankfully Steve's mom had her camera. 

Steve's parents got a time share in Padre Island (on the Gulf Coast in Corpus Christi, Texas) for a nice beach vacation.  Ray only lives a few hours away so he and the boys met us there (Kasey had to stay home and dog sit).  The beach in Padre Island was amazing. The water temperature was warm and the waves were big. We went to the beach every day except one, when we took the kids to a water park and to see the movie Brave. 

While the beach in Texas was great, can I just complain about the humidity for a minute?  My hair looked ridiculous, make-up wouldn't even stay on my face cause it was so wet, and nothing would dry.  We couldn't leave the windows down in the car to air out or hang the towels up outside because it was too humid.  I would go for a run early in the morning and it still felt like a billion degrees out, and afterwards I couldn't stop sweating.  I would have to keep wiping my whole body off with a towel over and over again.  Why somebody would choose to live in a humid place is beyond me.  I will take my beautiful, dry heat any day over that hot, sticky mess.  

On the drive to Texas, the kids were great.  They colored with colored pencils, played their DS's, and watched movies.  We did have to go through one curvy, mountain part and Talan got car sick.  We've learned not to let him have snacks on a curvy road and he should be fine.  As we got to our first pit stop, Tatum announced that she didn't have any shoes on.  This is the third time we have gone on a trip and left her shoes behind (twice to Texas, once to Gilbert).  I think she does it on purpose so we have to buy her a new pair of shoes.  Tobin won the favorite kid award because he kept his diaper dry the whole 2 days of driving!  We started potty training in June and he'd been doing great.  I was bummed to have to go on vacation in the middle of it, so at the last minute I threw his little potty chair in the car before we left.  At every stop I would set him up on his potty in the car and he would pee every time!  He kept it up the whole time at the beach, and on the drive home. 

We had to drive through San Antonio so we stopped at the Alamo real quick.  It was like 105 degrees with 90% humidity so it really was a quick stop. 

We ate at Rudy's an embarrassing amount of times.  I won't even tell you how many.  Or how much weight we both gained. 

For the drive home we decided to do it all in one day.  The way we saw it, we always end up fighting with our kids for hours to sleep in a hotel so we might as well spend that time driving.  It was a good plan.  We left Texas at 5am (so 3am Arizona time) and got to Winslow at 9pm.  18 hours straight of driving, with a few stops for quick food and gas.  It was a long drive, but it felt so good to sleep in our own bed. 


Brooke said...

I have many things to say:
1. I can't wait to see you
2. I want to meet you at the beach!
3. Next time just drive for 30 hours and come to the Atlantic Coast....no cousins but really fun friends....and I'll take you to a good BBQ place.....and the humidity isn't as bad here.
4. Dog sit? That's an awful gig to have on a vacation week.
5. Tobin would be my favorite kid too. You have had way too easy a time potty training. It makes me want to die a little.
6. I can't wait to see you!

Andrea said...

Humidity is not fun. I've tried to explain the "dry heat" concept to my NC friends, but it's hard for them to imagine.

On the plus side, I bet you didn't have to put on lotion, did you? For me, dry heat=dry skin.