The One Where Talan Turned Six

Happy 6th Birthday, Talan!

-Always has an awkward smile in pictures (think Chandler from Friends), but has a great smile in person. 

-Obsessed with the computer game Roblox.  You should see how fast he gets homework and chores done so he can play!

-Asks me to make him pesto on a daily basis.

-Likes to take care of his younger sister and brother (aka boss them around).

We were in Padre Island on his birthday so we celebrated with cousins Luke and Josh by going to the beach and Peter Piper Pizza.

holding Grandma's tarantula

holding the umbrella for shade while they ride around the block

1 comment:

Jamie said...

1. Bryan was FREAKING out when he saw that picture of Talan holding the tarantula.
2. I can't believe he is 6! He might as well be driving a car :) He is so grown up!
3. The picture of Tobin in the el rancho hat is a mini Talan... (have I said that before?)
4. The umbrella on the bike is such a 'Peterism'.
5. I can't wait to see you guys in TWO WEEKS!!!! AHHHH!