The One with the Family Fun

I love it when my whole family gets together.  With five of the Bratts living across the country, it's been far too long since it happened.  We had to take advantage of this oppurtunity with some family pictures. 

Wow, look at that...we all just happened to wear red, grey, and white.  Hmmm, what a great combination of colors.  (GO BUCKS!)  I love that Tobin is pointing.  There were birds in the building across from us that all the kids were fascinated by. 

I LOVE these kids so much!  They had a blast together.  Kalli and Courtney took Tatum under their wings and spoiled her.  Talan and Tobin were in heaven playing with Ryan, Kyle, Noah, and Collin.  Averi just layed there looking cute as can be.   



The FAB FIVE.  My brother and sisters are my best friends.  Couldn't imagine life without them, or their spouses.

We did so many fun things like canooing the Creek, playing a huge game of kickball, barbecuing, playing in the Little Colorado River (I'm still cleaning out sand in my bathrooms), and visiting Bearizona. 

Is that a bear, or Talan growling?

The funniest thing that happened at Bearizona was when we driving through the Wolf encounter.  There were signs everywhere that said to leave your windows up and doors closed.  Tobin was sitting on my lap in the driver's seat and Talan and Kyle were sitting in the front passenger seat together.  There were quite a few wolves roaming around our car, and one in particular was walking towards Kyle and Talan.  Just then their window went down!  We started to yell at Kyle to put it back up, but realized it was Tobin who was controlling it from the driver's side.  Luckily we made it out alive.  

We ate too much at places like El Rancho, Rootbeer Stand, Kachina in Flagstaff (think Sarsaparilla), and Dairy Queen.

And we definitely didn't get enough sleep, but it was so worth it.  It should be illegal to have as much fun as we did!


{larissa} said...


{larissa} said...

Where's the one with you and your parents?

How HUGE is Tobes's shirt?

Unknown said...

Bearizona looked fun. Before you found out,I can tell that was Tobey who was controlling it!