The One with the Prayers

They say the family that prays together stays together.  I wonder if it matters WHAT that family is praying for? 

We've had a few doozies lately. 

Talan:  "Thank you for this food...cause without it we would all be dead."

Tatum:  "Thank you for Zumba."  As she then stands up and begins to twirl around the living room with her arms folded, still praying through it all.

Tatum:  "Thank you for letting me see Tayela and Kambria at Walmart today."

Tatum:  "Please help two girls not to get married."  This stems from Tatum saying she wanted to marry Kambria, and Rissa told her Heavenly Father wants her to marry a boy, not a girl. 

Thankfully Tobin just tells everyone "shhhh" and folds his arms during prayers. 


shandi said...

Ha ha ha! That is too funny.

{larissa} said...

don't take pictures during prayers

Preston said...

haha Larissa! That's exactly what Drew does, shushes everyone & looks so adorable with his arms folded. Love this post!!!

Terri said...

Really cute.