The One with Pat's Run

I forced convinced Steve to do Pat's Run with me again this year, and this time Talan and Tatum were old enough to do the kid's race.  They were beyond excited to get to do their own race.  They even trained for a few months before, either running on the treadmill or outside around the block.

Tobin supervised to make sure they didn't stop running.

It turned out to be one of the best weekends we've had in a long time, although it sure didn't start out that way.  A day before we were supposed to leave I came down with strep throat, for the second time in a week.  Tatum was up all night with diarrhea and throwing up.  And Steve really wanted to stay and start working on the watering system because this was the first good weekend he'd had to do in a while.  BUT we had signed up for the race long ago so at the last minute we trudged ahead and went.  Right before we got to Payson, Talan threw up.  Our kids have never gotten car sick before so we figured he caught what Tatum had.  But he swore he was just car sick, and he had been playing his DS on that curvy road.  After pulling over for awhile and cleaning up, he seemed to be fine but we were still weary.  We finally decided to just turn around and go back home.  We started driving towards Winslow for a few miles when Steve made an executive decision to turn back around.  He figured with his parent's house in Gilbert, we had all the comforts of home down there.  Best decision of our life. 

Steve and I ran the whole 4.2 mile race together, even holding hands as we crossed the finish line.  I think he secretly enjoyed running it this time!

Kalli babysat for us while we ran, and then when our race was over it was time for the kid's .42 mile race.  They killed it!  Never stopped and wouldn't let another kid get past them. 

We rode the Light Rail to get to and from the stadium at ASU.  The kids had a blast riding on a train, and we had a blast not having to look for a parking spot. 

 We ate lunch at the brand new Rudy's that just opened in Chandler.  It was amazing!!

We also went to Ikea, where the kids played and we shopped a little.  Then we finished off the weekend swimming with cousins at Moni's house. 

Larissa and Jason were supposed to do Pat's Run with us, but (surprise, surprise) Larissa wasn't feeling good so they came later in the day.  But they still got to spend most of the weekend with us so it was all good. 

Best Weekend Ever.


{larissa} said...

what the heck? what is this surprise surprise comment?

Unknown said...

Hey you were at the same Sun Devil's stadium that me and Collin were at. We were watching the game.