The One with the Gingerbread Baby

Talan's kindergarten class had an Author's Tea.  Each kid picked a topic to write and illustrate for their own book.  Then they got to read them aloud for their classmates and parents. 

When we got there, we saw a list of all the titles and most of them were about pets, best friends, favorite toys, etc.  Then we came to Talan's title...The Gingerbread Baby.  Hmmm, we weren't really sure what to think about that.  When his turn came, he read his book and gave his memorized introduction for the next student.  We were so proud of how good he did!  I'm sure I'm a little biased, but his book was definitely one of the most creative.  Most of the kids told about themselves and started every sentence with, "I like...".  Talan's book told a story about a gingerbread baby who was in the forest.  He cut down a tree, walked home, and saw a deer.   


In the back of the book there were pages for people to write notes to the author.  I found this little gem from Talan's daddy and couldn't resist taking a picture of it. 

I love Steve!


Preston said...

he doesn't like the letter e, huh? haha! :)

{larissa} said...


Unknown said...

Moni told me that Talan was supposed to dedicate someone like Mom or Dad of both. But, he said,"Dedicated to Noah." I laughed so hard and it made me feel happy too!