The One Where We All Got Strep

Things I've learned about Strep:
  1. It can come back.  Talan and I both had it twice in a 3 week period. 
  2. It causes some people to throw up and have diarrhea.  At first I was furious and confused as to how we could have both strep AND a stomach bug.  Turns out the strep causes the lining in your stomach to become inflamed.  Who knew?
  3. It is highly contagious.  All five of us, plus the boy I babysit, a few lucky family members, and friends were infected.  Sorry guys!
  4. It doesn't matter if you've had your tonsils out.  Steve never gets Strep, let alone sore throats because he had his tonsils out when he was a kid.  Not this time; even he had a bad sore throat. 
  5. It can spread to your skin and cause impetigo.  Poor Talan had horrible, itchy, sores all over his legs and arms. 
  6. It won't cause a sore throat in everyone.  Tatum never once complained of a sore throat.  Instead she had a low grade fever, diarrhea, and throwing up.  I never got her checked because her lack of a sore throat.  Poor girl had it for probably two weeks because her mom is an idiot. 
  7. It is of the DEVIL.  It makes you feel horrible, and tries to ruin things you have planned.  Like going to Pat's Run and getting a really good time, or putting a new watering system in your yard, or hanging out with your friends who are visiting from Pittsburgh. 


Jamie said...

ya. Stupid strep. Go away and never come back! We will be back at your casa soon though...hopefully we won't have any new germs to get your kids sick!

Brooke said...

Scotty had it a bit ago- it was EVIL. He got impetigo too! He actually developed scarlet fever....so sad! I swear it is a new mutated strain of strep because everyone I know is getting it or has had it. Wild!