The One with the San Diego Spring Break

This is a conversation we had during breakfast a month ago:

Talan:  "Mom, are dragons real?"
Me:  "No."

Tatum:  "Are unicorns real?"
Me:  "Nope."

Talan:  "Well, are zoos real?"
Me:  "Uh, yes.  Yes they are."

Me:  "Steve, we NEED to take our kids to the zoo."
Steve:  "How about we go to San Diego for Spring Break?"

Tatum:  "Are we going to see dinosaurs at the zoo?"
Talan:  "No, they are extinct!"
Tatum:  "Well how about butterflies?"

It seems the kids were a little confused about what animals you could see at a zoo, and what better place and time to visit one than in San Diego for spring break?  We were all in need of a little getaway, except Tatum was truly disappointed we weren't going to see dinosaurs.  I invited my parents to join us since we had the room in my car and my mom actually had the same spring break as us. 

The first night when we got on the elevator at our hotel we saw a girl from Winslow...small world!

Day 1:  San Diego Zoo, sight-seeing, dinner in Old Town.
Talan's favorite animals were the gorillas. 

Tobin's favorite part was pushing the stroller around.

Tatum is STILL looking for butterflies.

Day 2:  Sea World

Our friends from Winslow were here today, too, so it was fun to see them.  The kids loved everything at Sea World, except Tatum was pretty sad she wasn't tall enough to go on the roller coaster.  When the lady measured her she stood up tall on her tipppy-toes, but that didn't fool her. 

Day 3:  Beach

The weather in San Diego was pretty chilly, which we were kind of expecting.  We still had a blast at the beach, and got to swim in the heated hotel pool afterward. 

We finished off with dinner at Anthony's Fish Grotto on the pier.  Needless to say, I only ordered water.  I'm sticking to my rule:  If it lived in the water, I don't eat it. 

This wasn't one of those vacations where you need a vacation from your vacation.  It was actually very pleasant.  The kids were great on the drive (minus about 30 minutes), there weren't big crowds, and our hotel room had bunk beds so the kids were in heaven.  We also found an amazing restaurant for breakfast called Du-Pars.  I don't even really like pancakes, but these were delicious.  If you're ever in California I recommend you look one up.


lynnissa said...

Sounds fun & relaxing!

Leane said...

Looks so fun! Think we're going to try the same thing this summer. ;)

Corie Green said...

cool! what hotel did you stay at?