The One with the Remodel: Kitchen and Laundry Room

Can I just tell you how good it feels to be finished remodeling our house?  There are a few tiny things left to do, and we still haven't hung any pictures on the walls, but for the most part it is DONE.  It has been a long, trying few months, but we are so happy with the results!  It turned out better than we even thought it could. 

Kitchen Before:

Kitchen After:

Laundry Room Before:

Laundry Room/Office After: 


{larissa} said...

I am missing the butterfly/dragon fly lights above kitchen.

Jamie said...

wow. Kim! It looks amazing. I am impressed! I bet you love it and I can't wait to see it!

lynnissa said...

Love it! i would love white cabinets in the kitchen but just wasn't brave enough to do with the boys.

Andrea said...

a. maze. ing. LOVE the pics. Thanks for sharing.

Paige said...

Fabulous!!! I love what you guys have done! Bravo! It looks so good!