The One with the Remodel: Bedrooms

 Master Bedroom Before:

Master Bedroom Afer:

Workout Room Before:

Workout Room After:

Tatum's Room Before:

Tatum's Room After:

Talan's Room Before:

Talan's Room After:

Tobin's Room Before:

Tobin's Room After:


Brooke said...

What? No treadmill in your room? That doesn't seem right....

LOVE all the rooms. I kind of like exposed brick....but I guess they look more warm and welcoming without it. You guys did such a great job! This makes me want to buy a house and fix it up.

No. Just for a second it did. I'm back to just admiring what you've done.

Now you need some house guests. Like 5 of them. With the last name Greenstreet. We're working on it.

lynnissa said...

Nice job! You're braver than I am taking on such a huge job. It looks like it was worth it though.