The One with the Ragnar Del Sol


I finished another race.  Barely.  This time it was an overnight relay from Wickenburg to Tempe with 12 people and 2 vans. 

Larissa and I joined a team, the Desiertas Tortugas, that had done it the past 5 years.  Each of us had to run 3 times, anywhere from 3-9 miles.  I knew this would be a challenging race, and that was even before I got sick.  A few days earlier I came down with the flu (fever, body aches, chills, cough).  I'm stubborn and was not about to back down from this race I had been planning on for months.  Besides, even if I did back out, I wouldn't have been able to find someone to take my spot on such short notice.  By the time the race started I had a full-blown sinus infection and cough.  Thanks to modern day medicine and good training I was able to run each of my legs.

My first leg was 6.7 miles at 1:45 pm on Friday afternoon.  This run was hard because it was super hot outside.  There were record temperatures that day and we were running in the middle of the desert in the heat of the afternoon.  I got a little sunburned. 

My second leg was 6.6 miles at 12:00 am on Friday night/Saturday morning.  This run was hard because it was in the middle of the night, in the middle of nowhere, and the temperature had dropped considerably.  The cold air was killing my lungs!

My third leg was 4.8 miles at 9:00 am on Saturday morning.  This run was hard because I was going on about 1 hour of sleep and was exhausted.  I also got my first ever running blister. 

There were a total of 420 teams, and most of them had funny names and costumes.  A few of my faves were "Runaway Brides" wearing wedding dresses, "Top Run" wearing flight suits, and "Disco Dozen" wearing 70's suits.  Out of the mixed men's and women's teams, we placed 19th.  Not too shabby! 

As much fun as it was to spend 29 hours in a van without a shower, real food, or sleep, I think I'm going to pass on the next Ragnar.  


Jamie said...

you are crazy. That is the one race I have no desire to do. My brother LOVES them and does them all the time. Nuts. And doing it sick? you are double nuts. :) Good job though. I hope you feel better fast.

Brooke said...

Wow! I'm in awe for so many reasons! You're amazing....and a little crazy! I can't believe you ran in the dark! (What if you had been eaten by a coyote?!?!?) I think about you EVERY TIME I run. I can't believe your marathon time. I'm in Biggest Loser land with a goal time of 2 hrs 50 min for my HALF marathon. You're a beast and I'm proud to call you my BFF!