The One with Talan's Top Ten-2012

It's that time of year for the kid's current biographies.  First up is Talan. 

Talan Anthony
5 1/2 years

1.  Kindergarten has been great for Talan.  It is so exciting to see what he's learning and listen to him read.
2.  His Favorite food is macaroni and cheese, and favorite dessert is popcorn.
3.  His current stats are Weight: 47 pounds, Height: 4 ft, Shoe Size: 1
4.  Some of his closest friends are Zayvius, Avery, Cole, Ty Ty, Jhett, and Brian
5.  Talan has an obsession with zombies.  It prevents him from going anywhere alone, even the bathroom. 
6.  He loves to build things with Legos, and play games on electronic devices. 
7.  His favorite TV show is Octonauts.
8.  Talan loves his role of being a big brother.  He is very protective of his little sister and brother.
9.  His Favorite sport to watch and play is football. 
10.  We think he is going to be good in math (duh, he's a Henling boy).


{larissa} said...

dang fool. getting crafty crafterson on that photo

Jamie said...

Cute! except the zombies? Who told him about those???! I wouldn't want to pee either if they were in the bathroom with me.