The One with the Busiest December Ever

What idiots would decide to completely remodel a large home, move from their house built ten years ago, train for a marathon, and attend all of the usual holiday parties, programs, and activities during the bitter cold month of December?

That would be us. 

We bought the house in September and had a goal to be in by Christmas.  Let's just say it snuck up on us real fast. 

Steve did a lot of the renovating himself and spent many nights until 3 in the morning working.  Luckily we had lots of nice friends and family to help with the work (tiling, painting, trimming, etc) and the babysitting.  We made about 88 trips to Home Depot, 10 trailer loads to the transfer station, and numerous caravans moving from the old house to the "new" house. 

But, we made it!  We moved in exactly one week before Christmas.  It's been hard living in a construction zone, because lots of work still isn't done.  We still have to finish installing some base, closet doors, and outlets, with lots of cleaning and organizing to do.   And we might be doing painting touch-ups until the day we die.  We won't have our countertops or cooktop installed until Jan 5, our sliding doors and windows until Jan 9, and the blinds in those sliding doors until Feb 27.  We barely got satellite TV installed yesterday.  And believe me, it was really difficult living without TV during this time of year with lots of good college football and basketball games on.

Amid all the chaos, our kids had lots of things going on. 

Talan had his kindergarten Christmas program.  Can I just say how proud I am of him for actually singing?!  Usually during a music program he puts his head straight down and just stands there.  Not this time!
Tatum had a Christmas program for her Busy Bees preschool and a Zumba recital.  She definitely doesn't have stage fright and did so great!

Tobin is now sleeping in a big bed.  We decided that when we moved we didn't want to put the crib back together so we were just going to put him in a twin bed and see how he did.  He sleeps so well in it, naps and all!

Whew!  I'm ready for everything to slow down and enjoy life...

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Jamie said...

Merry Christmas!!! Bryan and I were so sad last night. I think it was the first New Years we have spent without you guys in like 10 years...
It was weird.
I can't believe Tobin is in a big boy bed. I don't even want to think about putting Brooke in one yet. I am dragging out the crib as long as possible! lol. Go Toby! (and Go Kim!)
I can't wait to see your house!!!