The One with the Costumes and Pumpkins

Halloween.  What's not to like?  You get to dress up in a costume, carve a pumpkin, and people give you candy. 

We even got in on the action this year and went to an adult costume party...as a cheerleader and football player.

The kids recycled their costumes from last year and went as the crew from Snow White, complete with a prince and Grumpy Dwarf.

Tatum wanted a happy jack-o-lantern, and Talan wanted a scary one.


Jamie said...

I never thought i would see you in a cheer leading uniform. that made my day. :) i love the tights and everything.
Thats great that the kids wanted to be what they were last year!

Paige said...

I agree with Jamie!! Love you in a cheer uniform! Looking fabulous!

Tera said...

Awesome costumes!