The One with the Blue Soccer Kickers

Steve was lucky enough to coach Talan's soccer team again this year.  He had a great group of kids on the team, including a cute girl who had a major crush on Talan.  They were deciding on a team name and she suggested they name it "Talan".  Talan suggested the "Blue Soccer Kickers" instead and she quickly agreed, "Yeah, what Talan said."  So the Blue Soccer Kickers it was.

Talan improved a lot from last year.  He scored at least one goal in each game, sometimes even more than one, and really enjoyed playing.  It's good to see your kids succeeding and having fun.

I made rice krispie treat soccer balls for the last game of the season, but the games got cancelled because of the bad weather so none of the kids got to eat them.  Oh well, more for us! 

Tatum was such a good cheerleader for Talan's soccer games.  She would yell at every game, "Go T-dog!"  She is turning into a little girly-girl.  She loves her baby doll, Yo-Yo, and takes such good care of her.  She also loves to play dress up and watch Dora. 

Tobin was kind of naughty at the soccer games.  He just wanted to get down and walk around.  He would wander around in a big dirt field all by himself without a care in the world.  He is also turning into quite the little scavenger.  He is constantly finding and carrying food around the house.  Steve thinks that if we turned him loose in the wilderness he could easily survive on his own. 


Jamie said...

so i think that Tobin is a perfect combination of Talan and Tatum. the top half of his face is Talan. And the bottom half is tatum. ;0 he is super cute! (do you agree? not that he is cute, we all know he is! But that he looks like his siblings?)

{larissa} said...

I have some bad news. Yo-Yo was attacked by a bear today.

Terri said...

I love your kids. I wish we were still in the same ward, because now when I see them, the older 2 act like they don't know me. Thanks to Tobin, who really doesn't know me, for acting like I'm his friend.

Unknown said...

Yeah go Blue Soccer Kickers :) I bet you guys won some games! That will be awesome if I went to see a game!