The One with the Breast Cancer 10K

Another year doing the 4th Annual Breast Cancer 10K.  Larissa and I finished 1st and 2nd for the runners (I guess I should also tell you there were only two runners total this year).  My amazing mom and Tatum rocked it, finishing 2nd for the strollers.  

I can't wait for Tatum to run it all with me!

We wore PINK in honor of our MOM.  This makes 5 years in remission.


Jamie said...

i am already picturing tatee running with you. so cute! good job running for the good Cause! I love all the pink everywhere. It makes me happy.

lynnissa said...

you shouldn't have put that there were only 2! :) still awesome though.

Terri said...

All four of you are some of my favorite people. And I'm amazed at how awesome you all are. Five years! Go Maryann.

crew.of.henling said...

How awesome! We can see Tatum running with ya'll in a few years for sure! So, so happy for your mom, too! Great cause!!