The One with the Standin' on the Corner Race

I have participated in a lot of races, but I've never organized one.  Until now.

My sister Rissa and I were tired of driving to other cities for races, so she had the idea to start a race here in Winslow.  We took on the challenge and it consumed our every thought for the past two months.  But it was so worth it.  The race was a huge success!  Since Rissa already beat me to it, you can read it about it in further detail on her blog: 

or on this blog from a race participant: 


Can't wait to organize another race...and maybe we'll even get to run in the next one!

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Andrea said...

That is awesome! I read Larissa's blog and I am so impressed. It sounds like a ton of work and I'm glad it went so well. You guys rock!