The One with Tatum's 3rd Birthday

Tatum turned 3, and we had a Dora party to celebrate.

We played Pin the Tail on Boots.

While we were playing, Swiper stole the birthday cake so we had to use the map to find it!

First we had to crawl in the tunnel. 

Then, we had to run through the sprinkler.

Finally, we climbed the rock wall and found the cake!

We ended the day by having a wonderful family party at none other than El Rancho.

*Thanks to Uncle Jason for drawing Boots and the map!  He is seriously talented!


Jamie said...

Super Cute! Looks like a ton of fun!
Tatey is getting so big and grown up! She is adorable.

Andrea said...

What a great party!

lynnissa said...

Fun idea!

{larissa} said...

next time there will be a charge to use the services of Jason's Pretty Party Place

Unknown said...

Hey Kimmie,
Tell Tatey I said Happy Birthday and I'll see her tommorrow!