The One Where I Used to Think

I used to think I didn't need to use the seat belts on shopping carts and high chairs, but now I always will after a close call with Tobin.

I used to think Tatum would never let me do her hair, but now she asks me to curl it, french braid it, and put it in ponytails.  Although they still don't stay in for very long or look that great, it's a start. 

I used to think I would never listen to an audio book, but now I have almost finished my first one (The Jungle by Upton Sinclair).  I will definitely be listening to more. 

I used to think Tobin would never sleep through the night, but now at 11 months old he FINALLY is!  How wonderful it is to get a full night's sleep. 

I used to think trailers weren't real camping, but now I couldn't live without one.  We had another amazing Memorial Day weekend with our favorite camping friends. 

I used to think Steve would never eat healthy, but now he eats things like 9 grain bread, almonds, and cranberry juice.  After the results of a blood test, he is trying to raise his good cholesterol. 

I used to think that the louder I yelled, the better my kids would hear me, but now I know that doesn't work at all.  I can thank my dad for inheriting his yelling gene.

I used to think my kids would love to eat Mexican food like we do, but now I am starting to fear they aren't gonna be fans.  It's embarrassing when they order things like corn dogs and grilled cheese sandwiches at El Rancho. 

I used to think Jim Tressel would be the coach at Ohio State forever, but now I am going to have to get used to Luke Fickell.  It will be so weird without the sweater vest on the sidelines.

I used to think Larissa and Jason would never move here from New Zealand, but now that they have we are all so happy to have them.  My kids can't get enough of them, and everyone who meets Jason loves him.  It sure is fun to have them around. 


Jamie said...

wow. I have so many things in common with that post. Like the seat belt buckles, and ponytails (which I am still convinced Brooke will never let me do her hair) and the sleeping through the night thing. And the audio book thing. wow.
Well, I am super excited to see you guys next week! :)

Tera said...

Great post! I am afraid if I did one like it, it would take more than 1000 words and that is just not good blogger edict.

Corie Green said...

Loved this post! You are such a creative writer.

{larissa} said...

I'm telling you audio books are the bomb. Thanks for the mention. I hate hearing about my babies when I am not there in person. I am dying to see them again.

Lani said...

Loved catching up on your blog. You are a great mom and those kids are so sweet. Can't wait to have "Tater" next year.