The One with the Infirmary

A few weeks ago I was bragging that my kids hadn't gotten sick once this year.  No colds, no flu, no stomach bugs, no strep throat, etc...Even Talan's teacher commented that he must be really healthy because he never missed a day of preschool from being sick.  Then, at Tobin's 9 mnth appointment his pediatrician commented that he was so healthy because he hadn't had to come in for anything but his well-baby check-ups.

I jinxed myself

For the past week all three kids have been fighting a raging cold.  It started with a runny nose and fever.  Add to that body aches, chills, and a sore throat.  Then it turned into a nasty cough. 

I'm ready to clear the makeshift pharmacy off of my kitchen counter.
I'm ready to quit worrying.
I'm ready to sleep through the night (except for the normal rendezvous with To).
I'm ready to quit guessing what might be wrong.
I'm ready for some socialization (we had to miss library, playgroup, and church).
I'm ready to quit fighting To with the bulb syringe.
I'm ready for my kids to be able to use a Neti Pot.
I'm ready to have my babies back to normal.


Jamie said...

uhg. I am so sorry! I HATE it when the kids are sick, and all the them at once is miserable. I hope you don't get it!

Brooke said...

You DID jinx yourself.....that sux. I hope everyone is all better soon!

Jackie said...

Can I re-post this on my blog??? I'll change the part of all three kids but everything else is the EXACT same thing we're going though at our house with Dallin! I just hope we've all gotten it out before next weekend so we can all go camping!

Unknown said...

I know. I have a sore throat right now! I'm also sorry about Talan, Tatum, and Tobin last month! It's better with the kids all healthy and running around:) When I saw the kids last month when Larissa and Jason moved back to Arizona, they looked fine, awesome, and healthy. See you later:)

Unknown said...
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