The One with the Spring

We've had SPRING fever.

That's because this is the most wonderful time of the year. We've made it past the long, dreary, cold, dark winter and summer is just around the corner.

There's definitely been a SPRING in Tobin's step. At 8 months old he started crawling, pulling himself up, and getting into everything. At his 9 month appointment the doctor said he was tall and skinny like his parents (wow, I've never been called tall before!). His stats: weight=17 pounds (18%) and length=29 inches (75%).

We've been busy SPRING cleaning...getting the house organized and the yard ready for summer. We planted some trees and got rid of our old, leaning swing set and got a new one for the kid's very early birthday present. It only took Steve 18 hours to put it together! I guess we'll find out how good he did during these nice, windy SPRING days.

For SPRING Break, we went to the Valley of the Sun. There was lots of shopping, eating, and relaxing, and a family reunion for Steve's dad's Koury side of the family.

the first cousins

the second cousins

the third cousins (is there such a thing??)

Unfortunately, Steve is no longer a SPRING chicken. We both celebrated birthdays and now Steve has joined me in the 30's. Hello slower metabolism and receding hairline!


{larissa} said...

why is there no announcement of the favourite aunt returning?
I call dibs on the tube slide--that's tight.

Tera said...

Wow I want a swing set like that!

Brooke said...

The swing set looks awesome! We want to come play!

To is such a cutie....I want to squish his cheeks!

Unknown said...
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