The One with the Toolboxes

My church calling is cub scouts, which at first I hated. But now I kind of like it because we have such a fun group of boys. I was in charge of the activity last week so I decided we were going to make toolboxes. From scratch. Steve and I bought, measured, cut, and pre-drilled the wood. Then the boys put them together.

Of course, I had to let my two tag-alongs make one too. They helped me sand them, pick out their colors, and spray paint them. Not only did they turn out cute, but they use them to carry around everything from books to dolls to snacks.

In other news...

At 8 months old, Tobin got his first tooth and is so close to crawling.

Tatum can pedal her tricycle! She has to keep up with big brother, you know?
Anytime somebody says toilet, underwear, bottom, etc...Tatum repeats the word and says, "ewww". Every single time.

Talan is turning into quite the little manipulator.

Steve told him to quit whining. Talan said, "But dad, this is how my voice sounds when I cry."

Talan was hanging out at grandma's house and was using a Sharpie to draw pictures. He told her, "I'm not allowed to play with Sharpies at my house, but I can sneak play with them at your house!"


{larissa} said...

we all know there is a gold mine in Amma's junk drawer.
Everytime your kids come over they go for the pantry and straight to the junk drawer.

Life as a Greenstreet said...

I can't believe you're in cub scouts! Crazy....
Emma saw the picture of Tatey in her old "suit suit" and she was so excited!

Unknown said...

Cool! Tobin is getting his two teeth and close to crawling!!!!