The One with Jury Duty

Steve was called to serve. On a jury.

Four weeks ago he went to jury selection and we couldn't believe it when he was actually selected. Especially since they asked questions like if he had been in a labor & delivery room in the past five years (yes, 3 times), if he had a child born premature (yes, Talan at 35 weeks), and if he'd been around someone who's water had broken (yes, mine). He then had to tell the story about when Talan was born.

The case was about a baby born at 34 weeks who passed away and the family was suing the doctor and hospital.

After hearing the details about this case for four weeks, Steve feels confident he can deliver a baby and tell you way more than you'd ever want to know about speculums, bacterial vaginosis, and amniotic fluid.

He did take his job quite seriously though. After each witness, the jurors could write down a question and the judge would read them to see if they were relevant or not. He was proud that his questions were ALWAYS chosen by the judge to be asked.

I think he also came home each night and hugged the kids a little tighter after hearing all about this sad story.

In the end, the jury ruled in favor of the defense, 8-2.

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Terri said...

Wow! That's intense. Glad it's over, but when I need information, I know where to come. Love reading your blog. Would love talking to you more!!!