The One with the Monthly Goal

I like to set monthly goals for myself. A month is a good amount of time because it's not forever, but it's enough of a challenge. They say it takes 21 days for something to become a habit so if you can stick to something for a month, chances are pretty good it will become a lifestyle change for you.

My goal for the month of February was to trade in my flat iron for a curling iron. This was kind of a big deal for me. Thanks to my flat iron, I have had straight hair almost every day for the past seven years. But, I dusted off my curling iron and hoped for the best.

Surprisingly, I did it...and only cheated twice. The first time was a Sunday morning where I had every intention of curling my hair. By the time I got three kids ready by myself, I only had a few minutes so I ran the flat iron through my hair. The second time was when it was raining/snowing all day. I figured I wouldn't waste my time curling when it was going to go flat when I went outside anyways.

I didn't say it looked good, but I did do it and I'm excited to have a few options now when I do my hair. I should have taken some pictures for proof, but I didn't think about it until now.

On to the next goal...


Jamie said...

wow. You are brave. I don't think I have used a curling iron in 10 years. I am a firm believer in the magic of a round brush and blowdryer.
But I love that you do a monthly goal. That is great! What is March?

lynnissa said...

What a great idea...monthly goals. so much more realisitic!

{larissa} said...


The Giles Files said...

Wow - I don't even own a curling iron. But I should. I need to do something with this mop head of mine. I either flat iron, or blow dry - but that is only for "good" days like church or dates. Usually it's curly/frizzy and in a pony tail.

I need to this month goal thing...after I get the few projects I am working on done.

Corie Green said...

Dude I noticed and it looked so dang cute! I coveted your hair for sure :)