The One with Tatum's Bio

I am going to do a Bio of each kid (something I saw on my friend, Andrea's blog), starting with Tatum since she's usually the neglected middle child.

What job do you want to have when you grow up? Go to preschool
What toy do you like to play with the most? DS (Kalli gave her an old, pink Game Boy)
Where is your favorite place to go? Aunt Tete's house
What are you scared of? Monsters
What does mom do? Feed Toby
What does dad do? Plays with his toys
Favorite TV show: Team Umizoomi
Favorite Movie: Despicable Me

There's a good chance her clothes will be inside out and/or backwards and shoes on the wrong feet because she likes to dress herself.

Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Food: Macaroni
Favorite Animal: Elephant

My thoughts: Tatum is precious. She has always seemed older than she really is. She is painfully shy around strangers, but very spunky around home. She is super, duper sensitive to smells and will randomly say, "Ewww" when she smells something that we don't even notice. She is an exercise guru and can legit show you how to do P90X, Insanity, running, yoga, zumba, pilates, abs, push-ups, pull-ups...you name it. She likes to copy her big brother, and because of that Steve once said he is still waiting for her to have her first original thought. She loves music, organizing things, going to nursery, and helping mom and dad.


The Giles Files said...

Oh man, what a beautiful girl!

Paige said...

Seriously, what a doll!!

andrea said...

Adorable! Love the pics.

{larissa} said...

tatey is so precious. i seriously can't get enough of her.