The One with My Favorite Things

2010 has been a gooooood year. Here are just a few of my favorite things from it:

Volleyball. We played in the city co-ed league again and kicked butt. We also tried to play about once a week, and even in an all-day tournament that was so much fun. I wish I could play volleyball 24/7.

Water Softener. We had a water softener installed, along with a tankless water heater. This was, hands-down, the best decision we ever made. Our appliances and bathroom fixtures are all cleaner and work better, our laundry is fluffier, and our skin is smoother!

Dinner Co-op. We've been going strong for 3 months and I don't see signs of stopping any time soon. We have enjoyed so many great dinners that I didn't have to cook!

Expedition. With a 3rd kid, we had to upgrade to a bigger vehicle. Now we can fit lots of people and things in it, and I love using the Microsoft Sync.

My Kids. Tobin is such a happy, cute, and easy-going baby, Tatum practically potty trained herself before she turned 2, and Talan is learning lots and loving his preschool.

(The kids with some of their favorite things from Christmas)

I can't wait to see what 2011 has in store for us.

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