The One with the Thanksgiving in Ohio

We were so lucky to be able to spend Thanksgiving with my Grandma in Ohio. My brother and his family made the drive from Alabama, and my parents and Christie got to come for a few days too! 10 of my Grandma's 13 great-grandkids were there (just missing Kalli, Collin and Noah).

It worked out perfectly because Bryan and Jamie live in Pittsburgh (which is only 45 min from my Grandma's house). We flew in on Bryan's birthday so I joked that I brought him Steve for his present. They got to spend some quality time together playing basketball, going to a Pitt basketball game, a movie, and Dave & Busters while me and the kids stayed in Ohio.

The Good
  • Tobin and I sat in first class (think hot towels, warm cookies, real silverware, comfy chair, etc...)
  • We went to the Homer Laughlin China Company and got new Fiestaware
  • None of our kids peed their pants, threw up, or had a major tantrum while traveling (this was Talan's 6th time flying, Tatum's 2nd, and Tobin's 1st)
  • Bryan and Jamie let us use their car so we didn't have to rent one. Thank-you!!
The Bad
  • Ryan (my nephew) fainted during the Homer Laughlin tour
  • We were so exhausted from all the excitement, sleeping in different beds, and the time change (the night we got home Tobin slept 12 hours, was up for an hour and a half, and then took a 4 hour nap)
  • The battery died on our thermostat so when we got home our house was a cool 50 degrees

The Ugly

  • Steve broke his nose playing basketball (again). I think he looks fine, but he's worried about it.

See, his nose doesn't look THAT crooked

Hands down, the best part of the trip was when we surprised my Grandma with her early Christmas present. We all pitched in and got her a new TV! I have never seen someone so happy with a present before. She was crying and said that she never thought someone would get her something so nice.

The kids hiding the present (notice the old TV)



{larissa} said...

Ohio is precious. Can't wait to introduce Jason to it

Unknown said...

Can't believe you didn't mention your favorite cousins from Ohio.lol