The One with the Soccer Dad

Talan is playing soccer this year and Steve got suckered in to being his coach. He may be a little disorganized, but who can blame him with everything he's got going on (running the technology for an entire school district, 3 rental houses, a calling in the bishopric, and a successful side business)??
And he even has time to feed Tobin during halftime.

Talan was pretty timid at first and got his feelings hurt whenever he didn't score a goal.
He's not very good at hiding his emotions!
However, he loves playing, especially his number (super 8), and he has been improving with each game.
We think he would do even better if his dad wasn't the coach.


{larissa} said...

this may have been the best part of my entire visit.

Life as a Greenstreet said...

I love how small the soccer feild is! I'm glad you took a picture of his little emotional breakdown- I'm sure he'll love that forever!