The One with Moni's Wedding

My sister Moni got married. Two months ago to be exact. I know this blog post is a little late but I was waiting for the professional pics, which turned out awesome. I wish I could go back a couple years and have Corie take my wedding pics.

Moni married the coolest guy ever (besides Steve). Gary and his boys fit right in and we are so excited to have them in our family. I'm pretty sure Moni hasn't quit smiling since she got engaged, and she's still smiling now.

The Cartee Family

My baby Kalli

Tatum was a flower girl and Talan was a ring bearer.

No wedding would be complete without the sister picture.

Moni's wedding-2010

Larissa's wedding-2009

My wedding-2002

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Jamie said...

I love these pictures! Especially the sister ones! they are so fun!