The One with the Dinner Swap

This may just be the best thing that has happened to me as a stay at home mom. Five of us friends who live in the same neighborhood have started a dinner swap. That means Monday thru Thursday nights one of us takes turns cooking for all five families, and we alternate who gets the week off. The first week we started was my week off so I didn't have to cook, but our family still had delicious, homemade meals for four nights! And the next week when it was my turn, it wasn't even that hard cooking for five families (although it did get a little hectic).

I would highly recommend it!

PROS: only have to cook one night a week, lots of leftovers, less clean-up, less trips to grocery store, try new recipes, and see awesome friends.

CONS: none!

Anyone have any recipes that are easy to make for five families?


Stephanie said...

Sounds like a win-win situation!

Life as a Greenstreet said...

That's AWESOME! I wanna be in your dinner club! You should try Kraft Food and Family website- they have pretty simple and pretty yummy recipes.

Jamie said...

sounds awesome. Its funny because I was just talking to a friend here about starting one. I wanna do it!

{larissa} said...

you're a total mormon mom. it's so cute

{larissa} said...

you're a total mormon mom. it's so cute