The One with Tobin's Firsts

Tobin has had a lot of firsts in the past week.

First time meeting brother and sister
Talan and Tatum were more interested in pushing buttons on my hospital bed than with their new little brother. They raised my feet way up high and my head down low and I got kind of dizzy. In this picture I was explaining what Tobin's umbilical cord was to Talan. The next day he asked if he still had an "electrical plug". And of course, Tatum has her shorts off. For the past few weeks she has been on a clothing ban.
First time riding in the car
We were so thankful to bring him home the next day. It's no fun leaving a baby in the hospital.

First bath
We have a tradition that my mom gives each of our kids their first bath (or spa treatment as she calls it). He was lucky to have Tatum (aka Little Critter) as a helper.

First time meeting cousin Kalli
I think he likes her. Check out the way he is gazing at her face.

First time stretching out on the floor
I just love his skinny, little legs. I better enjoy them now because they will probably plump up fast.

First picture just because I think he's cute
I'm sure there will be many more to come...


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Awwwwww- to all of it!

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little critter! that's so funny & that pictures does look like it.

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