The One with Talan's 4th Birthday Parties

What better way to celebrate Talan's 4th birthday than with 4 parties?

First, we took him to the movie theater to see Toy Story 3. This was his first time going, and of course he loved it.

The second party was a family party, and Talan got a very special present. That was the day we brought his little brother Tobin home from the hospital. We had a simple race car cake and opened presents. He got some clothes (including an Ohio State jersey) and Toy Story toys.

The third party was the next day when Steve took some of Talan's friends (Cole and Ty) out to the river to play. Kalli, Moni, her boyfriend Gary, and his two boys Collin and Noah met them out there. They had squirt guns and buckets and shovels to play with, and ate Toy Story cupcakes. His friends also got him some more awesome Toy Story presents!

The fourth and final party was that night at the El Rancho! ...with a stop at Jackrabbit on the way home.

Happy Birthday Talan! We love you. But don't get any ideas about 5 parties next year.


lynnissa said...

What a lucky boy! Love that last picture on the jackrabbit! Looks like they had fun at the river-I know Ty came home & fell asleep for a good 3 hours! :) And you're super parents for doing that much for him the DAY AFTER you have a baby!

Life as a Greenstreet said...

I love the Jackrabbit too! I think you guys rock! 4 parties the week you have your 3rd baby?!? I wanna be your kid!

Stephanie said...

So Cute! The Jackrabbit pic is so cute! I agree you guys are good for doing his birthday the same day you come home from the hospital!

{larissa} said...

dude the jackrabbitt is a good idea. we should start having people stop at it when it's their bday.