The One with the Vacation

People have different views of what a vacation is.

Steve's family had this beach vacation planned even before we got pregnant. He could have stayed home, but we decided it would be fun for the kids to go see their cousins. And, it would be good for me to rest before the baby's due date in a month. It's funny because after flying with the kids and being there for a few days, Steve called and said I was the one who was on the "vacation". It's hard to say...

While they've been doing this

I've been doing this

But I've also been doing a little crying. I miss my family.


lynnissa said...

Aww! Looks like they're having fun! I would be crying too. I like to have a little break every now & then but no more than a few hours-don't know how you can do that!! Call me if you wanna hang out.

Life as a Greenstreet said...

Sorry I'm not there to keep you company- especially while you're having your toes painted. I don't know how I'd do for 4 days either! Poor Tatey needs another girl in the pictures- especially 'cause you guys are having another boy!