The One with the Hair

Dear Tatum,

Someday you may look back and wonder why your hair was never done cute like all the other little girls. Well, I may not be the best at doing hair, but I do try my hardest to put yours in bows, headbands, and ponytails. However, you always pull it out right after I do it. It seems like you would get tired of your hair always being in your eyes, but it doesn't even faze you. Instead of Tatum Ann, we could start calling you Raggedy Ann! Don't worry, I think you are beautiful just the way you are. And if it makes you feel any better, I never have cute hair either.

Now, your obsession with shoes is another story...


Jamie said...

Dear Tatum,
Just wait until you are 12 and in Jr. High. You will care about your hair then.

Dear Kim,
What happened to a belly picture????

Love, Jamie

The Giles Files said...

It's nice to know other kids do that too. I see all these cute little girls in church, with cute little bows and flowers and my little girl will have nothing of it! (Which doesn't mean I don't try...she just rips the hair ties out along with some hair...and she doesn't have a whole lot to spare.)

And honestly, Tatum can pull off the Raggedy Ann look. She's gorgeous.

lynnissa said...

See it's ok for a girl to have an obesession with shoes. What about Zach's obsession with my shoes? not so great.

{larissa} said...

i can't even read these blog posts. they make me too homesick. tatey is way too precious