The One with the Gender

I took the IntelliGender test a couple of months ago, and the results said we were having a girl.
Well, it turns out IntelliGender isn't so intelligent after all. At our ultrasound we saw that we are definitely NOT having a girl, but a little boy instead!

We couldn't be happier...except I do feel a little sad for Tatum that she won't have a sister.


andrea said...

...yet. You guys are still young. You're not ruling out the option of a sister for Tatum right now, are you?

Congrats! Let's hear the boy T names.

Jamie said...

Tatum will get her sister. just you wait. I agree with Andrea!
Congradulations! I knew it was a boy. That is how it works. We can't have kids the same age and gender!

Jamie said...

oopsie. can't spell... Congratulations!

crew.of.henling said...

Congratulations! We can't wait to meet him!

Jackie said...

Yay!! It'll be fun to have another little boy! Congratulations!

The Giles Files said...

But see, now Tatum will have a big and little brother to take care of her (and with those eyes - lock your doors now). Not that she'll need it, because it's the same big and little brother that will torture her with the crap they dish out and that'll make her one tough chicka. :)