The One with the Firsts

There have been a lot of firsts around here lately. And by lately, I mean from the past couple months to now.


1. sleeps in a big bed. We kicked her out of the nursery and she has been doing awesome in her new room.


1. is now in Sunbeams in Primary. He had his first little singing program during Sacrament Meeting and I was so tempted to take a pic/video with my phone but I refrained.

2. rides his bike around the block. We usually ride around 3 times (1 mile) every day. I can't keep up with him.

3. wrote his name for the first time at preschool. He usually just put a "T" on everything, but this time he actually wrote "Tal". Don't worry, he is good at writing it all now.

4. got his first real haircut, meaning not from mom or dad.

5. wore high heels. I don't mind when he plays around at home with Tatum, but when he asked to wear them to the library that's where I drew the line. At least he picked the blue pair.


lynnissa said...

Love the color of Tatum's room. Did you almost cry when he sang? Cause I have to fight really hard not to. Just wait till their Sacrament Program.

The Moss Family said...

At least he went up to sing. Cole looked at us with his heck no, I'm not going look. And wouldn't budge from his seat. The little stinker.
Oh, and I love Talan's choice of shoes. :)