The One with the Why's

Why? WHY?? W-H-Y???
Talan is at the age where he asks a lot of why's.

Well Talan, I have a few of my own...

Why do teachers get paid crap?
Why did my leg have to get injured?
Why do I suck at math?
Why have all my sisters left me?
Why does Ohio State choke in all the big games?
Why does it have to get cold?
Why would it be weird for me to shave my head?
Why were cockroaches put on earth?
Why do people have to grow older?
Why can't El Rancho be in Winslow?
Why did I never want to be a stay-at-home mom before?
Why do I always end up cleaning everything?
Why does sauerkraut smell so bad?
Why do kids wake up so early in the morning?
Why do I still get pimples?
Why can't I whistle?
Why does Brooke have to live far away?
Why do I love my life?

Because I really do love it.

What's not to love?


Life as a Greenstreet said...

LOL- that was great. Thanks for the laugh...I actually kind of want to make my own list now. And, um...Tatum is so freakin pretty in that picture.

I won't bother to answer your questions except for the one about me: Because the Navy hates me.

Corie Green said...

Why do I love this post so much? It makes me remember to be grateful. Thanks Kim! :)

andrea said...

Take that, Talan!

I love that pic of Tatum, too. Those eyes!

Jamie said...

Sourkrout (SP check) smells bad because it IS bad. Nasty stuff. Just stay away. I love when you post, but it makes me sad because I miss you guys so much!

{larissa} said...

i just shed a legit tear. and I have all the issues. especially the pimple one and sister one