The One with P90X

I did it. I finished P90X today. What a great feeling! For the past 90 days I have thought about little else. Unfortunately for my family, I am the type of person who HAS to finish something that I start and I have to follow the instructions to a tee. I only missed a handful of workouts: a couple of Yoga X days when we went water skiing, and a couple of Kenpo X days when we were out of town and when we had an all day softball tournament.

I am happy with the results, but I am pretty sure they aren't going to be knocking down my door to use my body for the infomercial. (And no, I am NOT posting my before and after pics.)

Anyways, here are my thoughts about some of the workouts:

Favorite Workout = Core Synergistics

Least Favorite Workout = Kenpo X (Can you say bor-ing?)

Hardest Workout = Plyometrics

Easiset Workout = Cardio X

Most Surprising Workout = Yoga X (Hated it, then grew to love it)

Overall, I would highly recommend it to anyone. It's challenging, fun, and a good mix of different workouts.


Life as a Greenstreet said...

I concur. Although I'm not as rigid as you and I never did grow to love all 90 minutes of yoga, although I DO see value in it and appreciate the workout.
Yes on Core Synergystics
ICK on Kenpo
Hardest- Plyo for sure...or abs.
Easiest...I'd have to say arms and shoulders.

I bet you look amazing but I would never post my pictures on the Internet either.

Well done, well done.

Jeff P said...

KenpoX boring? To each their own, but when it comes to punching and kicking, that's something I don't get to normally do everyday, so I found it kinda fun.
I hope your love of YogaX comes knocking on my door. That one is the hardest to get through.

Jeff P said...

By the way - congrats for making it through - that is great that you saw it through and finished.

Jamie said...

I want to see a picture since I never see you! I am sure you look amazing! Good job!

Jamie said...

I want to see a picture since I never see you! I am sure you look amazing! Good job!

crew.of.henling said...

Yey!! You're awesome - way to go!

Oh... and we are stamping like crazy with the dino-set you sent... it's the best, what a great idea... they love it, thanks!


Christie Bratt said...

kenpo is the best! what are you talking about crazy!